July 03, 2014
HAPPY MAYOR: Simo hits Seoul part Ten
HAPPY MAYOR: Simo hits Seoul part Ten
EXCLUSIVE The popular mayor of Seoul speaks to Simon Love while celebrating his reinauguration for a second term at City Hall.
Simon Love has travelled to South Korea as part of his Journalism degree at RMIT University, funded by the Australia-Korea Foundation.
In this special edition of Simo hits Seoul – see the inauguration ceremony of Seoul’s popular Mayor, Park Won Soon.
Simon scored an exclusive interview with Mr. Park, just moments after the “man of the people” was re-inaugurated for a second term at City Hall.
The production of this report was assisted by Brendan Day, Christina Seo, Kyungmi Choi and tbs efm’s Newsroom.
www.simonlove.com.au To contact Simon while he’s in Seoul- simon@simonlove.com.au
Disclaimer: RMIT Media Intern Program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
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