June 17, 2014
PROTESTS: Simo hits Seoul Part Seven
PROTESTS: Simo hits Seoul Part Seven
Thousands of Koreans turned out to Seoul Station to demonstrate against a government policy to rid the streets of street vendors. The massive crowd proved that when Koreans want to protest they do it in style.
Simon Love has travelled to South Korea as part of his Journalism degree at RMIT University, funded by the Australia-Korea Foundation.
He’s working at tbs efm radio’s This Morning program.
In part six of “Simo hits Seoul” – When Koreans want to get out on the streets to protest, they do it in style. See a large protest at Seoul Station, one of the city’s busiest transportation and shopping hubs.
All footage in this video was shot using an iPhone 4S.
To contact Simon while he’s in Seoul- simon@simonlove.com.au
Disclaimer: RMIT Media Intern Program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
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